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It can be much less expensive being green
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    Welcome to Momentum Bay, headquartered in Houston, Texas since 2002. We are a full-service sustainability management consulting and general contractor firm. Some have kindly summarized what we do as "brains and brawn."

    Momentum Bay's team is comprised of subject matter experts in healthy, efficient, sustainable real estate, strengthened by our doing energy, water, and food.

    That is, we provide Momentum Bay strategy, research, procurement, training & messaging services related to green utilities, green building & green business.

    Our business is restoring good, old-fashioned values side-by-side & back-to-back in a modern world through better habits & technologies. The results: healthy profits, healthy people, & a healthy planet.

    We're blessed to work at what we love: showing others that it's easy, profitable, healthy, fun, entrepreneurial, responsible, neighborly & urgent to be better stewards of the environment.

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