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    Environmental Bankers Association hosts Intro to ECO [BOOT CAMP] for Financial Services Professionals

    CHARLOTTE, North Carolina--October 4, 2007--Leading financial industry professionals nationwide today learned all about the business case for green business & green buildings. The Environmental Bankers Association hosts monthly 'green' conference calls so that members can stay up-to-date on sustainability's increasingly prominent role in financial services industry. This month's conference featured Mark Alan Robinson, MBA, LEED, Partner at Momentum Bay Associates LP, a Texas-based green management consulting firm.

    Robinson presented a fun, customized & interactive Intro to Momentum Bay's ECO [BOOT CAMP] for Financial Services Professionals. Robinson answered attendees most burning 'green' questions, including:

    • What is the business case for green building?
    • How do we rationalize with or convince our executives that corporate sustainability & green buildings add value?
    • What case studies prove that green buildings &/or green financial services are less costly both upfront & in the long-run?
    • What no-cost or low-cost green building strategies can banks & financial institutions implement?

    In summary, Momentum Bay's ECO [BOOT CAMP]:

    • Helps new & veteran leaders get up to speed & stay ahead of the hottest color trend in every industry from financial services to real estate: GREEN.
    • Makes it easy, fun, interactive, practical, informal & fast-paced to go green profitably
    • Dispels myths, allay fears & adjust stereotypes with practical, current & relevant information about green business & green real estate
    • Equips you to sell corporate sustainability at the strategic, chief-level
    • Encourages you to discover your own green story & challenge you to change some bad habits so you can earn the right to be heard
    • Equips you to be transformed into a consultative salesperson – who sells, teaches & integrates your ‘green’ story
    • Asks you to help us create a healthy, sustainable nation

    Robinson also walked through a case study about one of the firm's clients, Green Bank, showing how the bank is earning the right to be heard by retail customers & commercial clients by transforming the bank's people, processes, products & properties. Even the bank's CEO & President traded in his SUV for a Toyota Prius, like two of Momentum Bay's other clients' Executives have done.

    After the teleconference, Jeff Telego, the Executive CO-Director of the Environmental Bankers Association, warmly said, "Beautifully done. Enjoyed your presentation very much. Very informative."

    >> To schedule Robinson or any of Momentum Bay's consultants or clients as speakers for your organization or for any event, please visit

    About the Environmental Banker Association

    The Environmental Bankers Association is the premier association assisting the financial services industry in developing environmental risk management policies & procedures. The EBA will hold its 2008 Annual Meeting in San Antonio the week of January 21-25.

    About Momentum Bay

    Momentum Bay, established in 2002, is a Texas-based “green” management consulting, training, business development, research & public speaking firm. The firm's consultants equip households & mid-sized organizations with relevant information & tools to drive sustainable long-term growth.

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