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    HoustonPBS' "Living Smart with Patricia Gras" Talks Real Green with Robinson

    HOUSTON, Texas--July 12, 2009--

    This week, HoustonPBS' "Living Smart with Patricia Gras" connects viewers personally with business-minded sustainability expert & practitioner Mark Robinson. In just 30 minutes, this show explores the challenges & questions we Americans face going green in a down economy where green has gone from voluntary to mandatory, such as:

    • Where can our nation's good old-fashioned values intersect with & complement modern technologies?
    • What are the real carrots & sticks needed to change lives & motivate Americans to live more sustainably?

    Now in its fifth season in 30+ media markets nationally, "Living Smart with Patricia Gras" has found real life stories & practical tips to inspire viewers most effectively. So, by way of practical, profitable & personal stories, Robinson reveals how businesses & consumers are living smart ... living green profitably & practically.

    Robinson explains, "Energy efficiency alone via the EPA's ENERGY STAR® building labeling program saves one of our firm's clients over a billion dollars every nine years. Other clients have found significant economic benefits from conservation, green building strategies & comprehensive corporate sustainability."

    Robinson's own love story & simply elegant green wedding saved $18,000 & touched the hearts of over 5 million readers before green was mainstream.

    "Intuitively, we all know that sustainability is the right thing to do. With the right team, determination, & timing, living smart actually can cost much less than "business as usual." Whether you "go green" in baby steps, rapidly or comprehensively -- it all matters," added Robinson.

    "After decades of warm-up, our nation's households & organizations are finally making real progress toward health & sustainability. The business case is clear, urgent & within reach; the challenges are now keeping up with change while keeping it simple."

    When asked how he knows when he is living smart, Robinson replied, "I know I’m living smart when I’m doing the right things at the right time, for the right reasons with the right attitude.

    This half-hour episode airs Sunday, July 12, 2009 at 3 PM, & again Friday, July 17, 2009 at 10 PM on HoustonPBS (Channel 8).

    To view the episode (uploaded as three segments: 10 minutes, 10 minutes, and 6:31 minutes), visit Momentum Bay's YouTube Channel, or click any of the segments below.

    Segment One (10 min)

    Segment Two (10 min)

    Final Segment (6 min 31 sec)

    Other topics & industry experts featured in this season's episodes include:

    • Surviving In Tough Economic Times - Jeff Yeager
    • Value of Music - Ana Matrinez
    • Preparing for the Future - Dr. Peter Bishop
    • Making Smart Decision And Living A Good Life - Ethics - Daryl Koehn
    • Child Development - Dr. Bruce Perry
    • Tackling Poverty and Empowering Women - Elizabeth Vallette
    • Living with Integrity - David Thomas
    • Creativity, Innovation and Science Literacy - Dr. Mae Jemison
    • Coping with Prickly People - Sister Roselle Haas
    • Conflict Resolution - Marilyn McKnight
    • Engaging In Civil Discourse - Cassandra Dahnke
    • Parenting Effective - Deborah Fry

    About HoustonPBS

    HoustonPBS was America's first public television station and was one of the founding stations of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in 1969. HoustonPBS serves to empower, engage and enrich the lives of the people of Southeast Texas. To that end, HoustonPBS provides a varied schedule made up of national Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) programming; award-winning locally produced programming; college courses; and select acquired programs. Beyond broadcast, their facility is also a site for town hall meetings, national videoconference broadcasts, and a variety of innovative community educational and outreach programs.

    About "Living Smart with Patricia Gras"

    "Living Smart with Patricia Gras" is a weekly, half-hour interview & news magazine program focusing on helping viewers get the most out of life by finding solutions to different life challenges. It is a news magazine style show that delivers breakthrough information for viewers interested in all aspects of personal growth & well being, such as, financial, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical & educational. It enters its fifth season April of 2009.

    Patricia Gras is the recipient of over 150 journalism awards including five regional Emmy Awards and 15 national Telly’s. Her work has also been recognized with honors from many organizations.

    About Momentum Bay

    Momentum Bay, established in 2002, is a Texas-based comprehensive “green” management consulting firm. The firm's sustainability & business experts develop strategic plans, execute specific projects, help discern green facts from fads & fiction, as well as equip & inspire teams to do these same functions in-house.

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