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    HoustonPBS TV Special about High Gas Prices Features Momentum Bay Sustainability Expert

    HOUSTON, Texas--October 16, 2008--Many Americans and even Houstonians have felt the pain at the pump over the past 24 months. And, as we faced the highest energy prices in history, people began asking why.

    Why have gas prices climbed from $10 a barrel in 1999 to $95 in 2008, and from $95 to $147 dollars per barrel in just the first six months of 2008? And, why have prices plummeted below $100 per barrel to lower than $70 per barrel over the past couple of months?

    HoustonPBS has produced a half-hour special with industry experts examining what’s in the price of gas, how we got here and where we are going as a result. The “Fuel for Thought: High Gas Prices and How They Got That Way” exclusive airs on HoustonPBS channel 8 this Friday, October 17th at 8:30 pm and Tuesday, November 18th at 10:00 pm.

    Viewers will discover some truths that are not being told through experts, including:

    • Jim Hackett, Anadarko CEO
    • Michelle Fosse, Energy Economist with the University of Texas
    • Amy Jaffee, the Baker Institute at Rice University
    • Mark Robinson, green management consultant at Momentum Bay Associates LP
    • Peter Bishop, futurist at University of Houston

    For instance, did you know we don’t import most of our oil from the Middle East? Drilling domestically will unlikely end oil dependence substantially? Corn ethanol may not be the best option as an alternative fuel?

    Houston, the energy capital of the world is affected differently than the rest of the country, but most consumers are feeling the pinch and many are already changing their ways.

    Fifty percent of Houston’s economy is tied to the oil and gas business, but Anadarko CEO Jim Hackett believes this is not necessarily good news for consumers. “It is good for the economy because it provides high paying jobs, but there are a lot of consumers of energy including all of the employees this is not good for, so no one of us welcome this market.”

    “Oil is a very alluring source of energy which is why it is something we keep coming back to and why the value is the way it is,” said Michelle Fosse, Energy Economist with the University of Texas.

    Many Experts agree tight supply and increasing demand for the rise in prices. Amy Jaffee of the Baker Institute at Rice University said, “The need for gasoline was growing and the need for natural gas for industry was growing abroad and we were seeing much higher need for oil from china, India and developing economies. We just didn’t keep up, but I also see it as a supply crisis, and not just a demand driven crisis.”

    As for the future of Houston, Texas and the United States, Mark Robinson - a proponent of green business and green living - feels hopeful. “Texans are conservative, we are entrepreneurial, and when we are faced with a problem we meet it. We accept the challenge. And people are getting creative in the ways they can save money and the ways they can save the planet.”

    Peter Bishop, a futurist at the University of Houston adds, “the danger for Houston is that it becomes so dependent on these huge windfall profits and revenues and might blunt people’s incentives to prepare for a post oil or post carbon economy.”

    Most agree that high gas prices will likely change the way we live our lives from now on. “We are not going to maintain the lifestyle in any way, form or fashion unless we start tackling this problem now,” said Jaffe.

    About HoustonPBS

    HoustonPBS was America's first public television station and was one of the founding stations of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in 1969. HoustonPBS serves to empower, engage and enrich the lives of the people of Southeast Texas. To that end, HoustonPBS provides a varied schedule made up of national Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) programming; award-winning locally produced programming; college courses; and select acquired programs. Beyond broadcast, their facility is also a site for town hall meetings, national videoconference broadcasts, and a variety of innovative community educational and outreach programs.

    About Momentum Bay

    Momentum Bay, established in 2002, is a Texas-based comprehensive “green” management consulting firm. The firm's consultants equip mid-sized organizations & leaders with relevant information & tools to drive sustainable long-term growth profitably & practically. Some of the firm's most popular services include its ECO [BOOT CAMP] for Real Estate Professionals course (approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission for mandatory continuing education credit), and its brokering of green electricity for businesses and households.

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