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Momentum Bay Services: Consulting & General Contracting

Focused on energy, water & sustainability
from the Virgin Islands to Texas and even Hawaii.

Green utilities. Green building. Green business.

Momentum Bay helps organizations & leaders go green profitably, helping them move along the green continuum from their heads, to their hearts, to their hands – first from checklists to passion & compassion, and ultimately to actions, habits, & repeat victories.

First, we are management consultants hired by executives to plan & execute best-in-class sustainability projects.

Momentum Bay delivers sustainability with both upfront savings & long-term value, i.e., increasing clients’ residual value of real estate holdings &, moreover, valuations of their businesses.

Relationships and research serve as the foundation for all Momentum Bay advisory services. Here is how the Momentum Bay family grows:

  • Step 0. Storytelling: Prospective clients often hear about Momentum Bay’s passion, vision, mission and team thru the firm’s written and oral communications – especially public speaking at conferences, like Greenbuild, where Momentum Bay enjoys sharing clients’ stories & leading panels of fellow subject matter experts. See also the Momentum Bay YouTube page

  • Step 1. Family: Momentum Bay clients become a family (ohana in Hawaiian) by on boarding together as a cohort or crew during ECO [BOOT CAMP training courses. If you’ve studied the book “Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time” by Jeff Sutherland, you already appreciate how much easier it is to boost the impact of a team than an individual. Momentum Bay is a scrum shop, and practices agile project management.

  • Step 2. Sprint: Easy, early wins fuel team motivation & unite everyone to work hard for more victories. Typically, clients start by engaging us to renegotiate electricity contracts, or win awards like ENERGY STAR certification from Texas to Hawaii through benchmarking real estate energy performance.

  • Step 3. Crawl: Next is taking an inventory of building and business fitness in context of clients’ peers, e.g., thru energy benchmarking, GREENING research reports, utility audits (ASHRAE Level 1, 2 or 3), or building commissioning

  • Step 4. Walk: green building consulting projects, or specialized consulting projects

  • Step 5. Run: Clients are then ready for less talk, and more do, usually in the form of energy, water & food retrofits, construction projects that Momentum Bay can manage or implement as general contractor. And, some clients, especially those outside Texas, may prefer a long-term, integrated plan and implementation led by Momentum Bay, i.e., green management consulting engagements, e.g., complementing or fulfilling the roles of interim Director of Sustainability Global Real Estate or Chief Sustainability Officer

  • Step 6. Repeat: Entering & winning the second, third, fourth “green” races rests in the art of keeping sustainability new, fun & rewarding for clients’ diverse stakeholders in a dynamic world.

Importantly, we are fellow executives and hands-on business owners who find value in doing, practicing and general contracting. Why?

  • Professionally & personally, we learn more by doing.
  • We enjoy testing & continuously improving (kaizen) our consulting advice via fast implementation.
  • By following through, we help our clients’ investments of time & money to produce fruit, instead of becoming another lingering unfinished project, waste, an impractical consulting recommendation, or unsold work-in-process.

Depending upon clients’ internal & existing team’s expertise, executives hire Momentum Bay in three “special teams” or “Brute Force” roles:

  • 1. Energy procurement, as well as full-service energy, water & utility management via Momentum Bay’s business unit and energy-related brand GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS energy procurement and management services, including Texas electricity aggregator-broker-consultant (ABC), Seller’s Rep securing Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for utility-scale generators, Texas REC Broker, and other energy-related services

  • 2. Research & evidence-based design informing strategic procurement, wholesale distributor & group buying organization, securing discounted procurement of other hard-to-find, painful-to-procure, seemingly expensive, or otherwise out-of-reach energy, water & other green products & services

  • 3. Installer, Momentum Bay Solar EPC solar PV engineering-procurement-construction (EPC) firm, & specialty general contractor of water & energy efficiency retrofits, wind turbine & solar power generation systems, and more.

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For example, some Texas Independent School Districts & grocery stores have paid 3 to 5 times more for solar PV and/or wind turbine power generation systems. Why? Because the school districts & supermarkets procured conventionally – as part of the architect-engineer design & construction process, bid to a general contractor, that subcontracted to an electrician or roofer, that subcontracted to a specialty subcontractor.

Alternatively, by procuring just 6 to 14 weeks before construction ends (instead of 3 to 6 years earlier during design), & by buying directly from an experienced specialty installer like GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS after a new school or supermarket is occupied, real estate and business owners can cut costs by 50 to 67%, increase generation 200% to 600%, & acquire an integrated educational, energy management, green building tool, one that is affordable, efficient & effective.

To learn more, call 877-326-8392 or click any of these services in the left navigation pane.

We look forward to working with you to secure sustainable successSM.

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