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Green building consulting

History: Nearly 20 years of green building

Two green building programs & rating systems have become the national standard since 1998: the EPA's ENERGY STAR® & the US Green Building Council®'s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Rating System.


Voluntary green strategies have become mandatory in many markets. And, since rating systems are upgraded every 3-4 years, yesterday's LEED Gold may be tomorrow's LEED Silver or Certified, or buildings can lose their ENERGY STAR label.

More importantly, tenants' & owners' expectations green standard are trending higher every year as green premiums decline along with the industry's cumulative experience. For example, LEED Gold certified became the global standard in 2006 & remained the dominant LEED certification level even through most of the recession. That is, more LEED certified projects achieve Gold than Certified, Silver or Platinum.

Given the prevalence of LEED Gold & the advent of Net Zero Carbon / Energy / Water / Waste / Food & the Living Building Challenge, the media, tenants / occupants, & investors seem to pay attention increasingly to only those green building projects and sustainable real estate teams demonstrating "How to Platinum."

Momentum Bay's Sustainable Real Estate Services

In 2003, Momentum Bay's founder passed the LEED Accredited Professional exam. And, Momentum Bay joined the US Green Building Council as the 54th of 1,187 total Texas members, 4th of 122 Consulting Firms, & 1st of 9 Energy Service Companies.

Momentum Bay's in-house consultants provide research-based, strategic & tactical sustainable real estate advice regarding new & existing green buildings & entire portfolios to developers, owners & investors (executives & in-house real estate teams), design teams, property & facility managers, and occupants.

Frequently, Momentum Bay partners with other external green building experts, as projects require.

Specifically, since 2005, Momentum Bay has served as the Business Developer for one of the leading global green building consultancies -- one of only nine firms that initially performed certification reviews of all LEED® for New Construction project applications for the US Green Building Council (prior to its spinoff of the Green Building Certification Institute).

This firm's experienced green team of consultants is comprised of architects, engineers, an environmental scientist, planners & interior designers, of whom several are LEED faculty members.

The firm was the 30th member of the USGBC® (out of more than 20,000 members today).

Their 25+ person team with offices nationwide has successfully managed the certification of hundreds of LEED certified projects - roughly 5% of all the LEED certified projects worldwide as of October 2009 - & has hundreds of other LEED projects in process or with certifications pending. This firm also managed the publication of the new LEED 2009 Reference Guides. Momentum Bay chose to partner with them as their business developer because they are more experienced, more efficient & more affordable than any other firm worldwide.

Texas projects

Some of our most recent & current Texas projects include:

  • Triple LEED Platinum by Jacob White Construction Company for its LEED Platinum certified headquarters & home of the Green Event Center in Friendswood, Texas; its development 253 Medical Center Blvd, a medical office building in Webster, Texas; & Jacob White's development 12941 Gulf Freeway, an office building in Houston, Texas

    2000 Parkwood Avenue                 253 Medical Center Blvd                 12941 Gulf Freeway

  • The Monarch School's Chrysalis Building - Texas' healthiest, most sustainable K-12 school, & one of the nation's leading K-12 schools for students with neurological differences (primarily related to autism). Momentum Bay & its business unit GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS has propelled the design & operations teams affordably from its initial LEED target level of "Certified" to "Gold," achieved the EPA's rare "Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR" certification scoring 86 out of 100 for expected energy performance, & two ENERGY STAR certifications (2011 & 2012) for exemplary energy management, now scoring 94 out of 100. These sustainable design & operations efforts are projected to save $2.5 million over the life of the K-12 school building, which cost $4.5 million to build.

  • Green Bank, one of the nation's few banks focused on sustainability. This community bank surpassed its initial target of LEED for New Construction "Certified" & achieved LEED Gold certification, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process


  • a community college

  • a municipal building

  • a north Texas courthouse, &

  • a large automotive project.

Core competencies

Our partner's consultants work for real estate owners, developers, contractors, architects & managers, complementing teams in service areas where teams desire. For example, teams may not have a certain expertise, may not have immediate capacity for projects, or may not be able to provide services as affordably. So, the firm's consultants provide non-competitive services, as clients request.

We also find that, by including this leading green building consultancy on teams, clients are able to win more projects by differentiating their competitive bids & proposals effectively, given the consultancy's breadth & depth of green building leadership & expertise.

Most important to Momentum Bay is the fact that our sustainable real estate experts are genuinely interested in helping Texas create strong local networks of other green experts. Our partner's strengths include the following training, consulting & technical services:

1.  Training & Facilitation:  eco-charrette facilitation, LEED consulting, LEED project management, LEED documentation, greening specifications, customized & comprehensive green building workshops, & LEED training for green teams (from CEO to subcontractors) that cover the topics of green building market economics, planning / design / construction, professional roles in green building, & USGBC & LEED Rating Systems.

2.  Consulting:  building management strategies for existing buildings, & advanced climate solutions, including:

Building Management Strategies

  • Capital improvements cost / benefit analysis

Advanced climate solutions

  • Energy modeling & analysis
  • Daylight modeling & analysis
  • Bioclimatic analysis
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Carbon footprinting
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction reporting
  • Natural ventilation design
  • Displacement ventilation design
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Thermal comfort
  • Urban air pollution & contaminants analysis

3.  Technical:  energy modeling, daylight analysis, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), life cycle cost analysis (LCA), & in one region of the country commissioning (Cx), retrocommissioning (RCx), & building & facilities operations audits.

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